Vietnam vegetable oil industry corporation – joint stock company (Vocarimex)
is the leading representative of vegetable oil industry in the country. After nearly 40 years of formation and development of key areas of activity of the Corporation is the production and trading animal fat and vegetable oil, essential oils, aromatherapy, cosmetics, import, export and trading of supplies, materials, vegetable oil. Over the years, the Corporation has established cooperation relationships with corporations Sustainable Business International, partners, customers at home and abroad. Annually the corporation provides hundreds of thousands of tons of oil and raw materials for domestic partners

In addition to joint venture with the other famous brands in the country, Vocarimex has invested hundreds of billions to build a seaport (Nha Be vegetable oil port) specializing in liquid oil, ports capable of receiving ships up to 5,000 tons of oil storage tanks on the same system and a plant of 20,000 tons production of vegetable oil (vegetable oil factory Vocar) for the company, helping to meet the diverse needs of the market of vegetable oils in the domestic as well as export.

Vocar vegetable oil factory gets invested with modern lines coming from the Europe and advanced production technology. Cooking oils are ensured to contain quality factors, retaining the maximum contents of Vitamine A, E in natural forms in oil. In addition, the Corporation has a lot of experienced members.

In terms of sanitation and safety in foods during production, Vocarimex always pays a serious attention to it. The Corporation fully invested laboratory equipment, improve goods quality control in the manufacturing process as well as research to create new products, increasingly higher quality, quality control systems meet ISO HACCP. Vocarimex regularly organizes training for employees on the issue of food safety.

Yearly, the factory is able to provide 130,000 tons of refined oils of different kinds; 120,000 tons of finished oil products. Especially, the factory is owning standardized sesame oil production technology meeting Japanese market needs; its capacity reaches 4,000 tons of sesame oils per year.

Environmental protection get paid great attention by Vocarimex. The Corporation has invested tens of billion to build waste water treatment system capacity of 350 m3 / day, exhaust treatment systems using fuel oil boiler. Besides Corporation boiler was converted to use biomass fuels do not pollute the environment.