Vietname Vegetable oils industry corporation (Vocarimex) is the leading vegetable oil in Vietnam and the corporation was established in 1976, previously the South vegetable oil company. After many times of changing structure and methods of operatioin, Vocarimex officially was changed into the type of joint stock company in 2015. For nearly 40 years, in spite of changes and challenges, Vocarimex remains its leading position and plays an key role in the economy of technique, production, business in vegetable oils and other fields.

Responding to demand integration of national economies and corporations pushing Vocarimex constantly investing new equipment and technology, expand production, improve product quality, meet the needs of consumers. Vocarimex always offer flexible strategies based on the volatility of the market economy. A staff of highly qualified employees providing the market with quality products .

Vocarimex a confirmed date is a large enterprise specialized in producing multi-disciplinary . Currently , the Corporation has developed a product line of over 50 oil, hundreds of cosmetic products - cosmetics and tens of packaging products serving the food, beverage. Corporations always make good quality management system to ensure food safety, production cost savings, reduce costs, the product of vegetable oil Vocarimex are qualified according to Vietnam standards and exports .

Vocarimex continue to be represented in economics, engineering and oil plants in Vietnam, gradually improve the competitiveness of manufactured products, maintaining and developing market share for domestic consumption and export. Vocarimex worthy as "the pioneer" in the vegetable oil industry of Vietnam, plays an important role in the development of city economy. HCM in particular and the country in general, contributed greatly in promoting the industrialization and modernization of the country during the period of integration of international economies.