Sustainable Development


Activities supporting community

Along with the production and business activities, construction and brand development Vocarimex also actively participate in social activities to continue and promote the good traditions "The leaves protect tattered ones." of the people of Vietnam.

Corporations have joined the program to support poverty alleviation fund Dong Thap, Binh Dinh support to overcome floods, supporters Study Promotion Association of Vinh Long, Phu Thuan Ward People's Committee supporters, District 7 and Ward 13, District 8 Ho Chi Minh City, .... to care for the poor happy New Year to welcome the Lunar New Year in 2014 ..., with a total amount of approximately 500 million.

Supporting activities for people facing floods, natural disaster

Often taking part in blood donation

HCM Communist Youth Union and the delegation of the Corporation are actively lobbying the officials, workers and employees of companies involved in charitable activities: Construction of gratitude, love, caring for Vietnamese mothers being Male heroes.

Contribution fund for the poor, to help women with difficult situations, giving gifts to children on 1/6, mid-autumn festival.

Social charity activities

In recent years, collective CB - employees of the Corporation Vocarimex always together and with the community, share with families in difficult circumstances, to build more than 50 homes of love, gratitude for mothers Vietnam hero, seriously wounded, the poor in localities throughout the country. Supporting hundreds of million for the operation of the Southern Women's Museum, poor child care, donated scholarship funds ....

Buy tickets support program "For beloved Truong Sa", supporters of textbooks, student files, pencils under the "Mobility 1000 sets of textbooks", "childhood and school", support map student learning for poor, remote ...

Programs of people going with farmers

Vocarimex collaboration with Plant Research Institute Duc Hue, Long An organized the field day intensive planting sesame model V6, mobilize farmers to plant 10ha.

Organize technical training sesame cultivation, selling sesame seeds and sesame V6 product consumption of local, create jobs for farmers.

Vocarimex always mount the production and business activities to improve the quality of life towards sustainable development of society.

Working conditions and Employee’s interests

The strong growth of a corporation is based on the efforts and contributions of collective cadres, workers and employees. Understanding the importance that policy Vocarimex always have rights and obligations for all reasonable officials and employees of the enterprise, committed employees working in Vocarimex fully enjoy every mode rights as prescribed by law.

  • Corporations are always equipped with the tools of protection, as well as safety measures for workers during work.
  • Regularly organizes orientation programs, training to improve the qualifications of workers. Each year employees are trained on how to organize fire prevention and firefighting.
  • Perform full insurance as prescribed, periodic health checks annually.
  • There is no exploitation of labor, the working time as stipulated by the State.
  • Vacation mode for officials and employees every year.

When working in Vocarimex all workers but working in different conditions but are respected, equally, without distinction of religion, region, and gender.

All employees have the opportunity and conditions to learn and improve their knowledge, capacity development, always have the opportunity to be appointed to management positions according to individual capacity

Employees being recognized and compenstated

The efforts of the staff in the production process has always been recognized corporations. Vocarimex always clear policy of regime wages and bonuses. The income level of each individual in the company is always worth the effort and their enthusiasm. Recognizing the contributions of company employees often have programs evaluated and rewarded for the individual, collective work efficiently, excellence, reward regime ensures fairness and openness.

Vocarimex listens, respects the ideas, the share of employees in the company, has always taken seriously and understand that each individual is an important link in the sustainable development of the collective. The Corporation regularly organizes sports activities, arts help employees in the company have moments of fun together, understand each other better.

As one of the largest enterprises in Vietnam in vegetable oil industry, Vocarimex always gives consumers the quality of oil products, many nutritional ingredients for good health. The products of the edible oil is produced Vocarimex entirely from fresh plants: soy, peanut, sesame ... products not only help to create delicious dishes but also contains Vitamins A, D, E, rich in unsaturated fats help rapidly absorbed, cholesterol is beneficial for health.

Cooking oil provides the body with essential fatty acids that the body can not produce it, helps enhance the absorption of vitamins, appetite. The products from sesame oil, peanut oil, canola oil ... the oil products containing polyunsaturated fatty acids are good for cardiovascular problems. Besides the vegetable oils also contain some nutrients with health benefits such as Tocopherol is one of the substances with properties against oxidation, reducing the aging process of the body.

Vocarimex always focused on quality issues food safety applications continuously advanced science and technology in the world and implement a quality management system ISO 9001: 2000, the products are GMP -HACCP, ensure food safety in accordance with international standards .... Vocarimex constantly improve the quality of refined vegetable oil, emphasis added nutrients to improve health and physical Vietnamese consumers, besides business also constantly expanding the scale to produce a variety of high quality products to meet domestic demand and exports.

Vegetable oil products by providing market Vocarimex are high quality, consumer choice and voted for many years won the title "Vietnam high quality goods" and Top 100 Award "Gold Star of Vietnamese land". Vocarimex always committed to bring to market consumer the best quality product that reflects our respect, our responsibility for the health and lives of consumers and society.

Besides the investment in business development Vocarimex production also focuses on issues of environmental protection and is placed on top priority. Annually Vocarimex always innovation in technology, modern equipment in the manufacturing process to help reduce pollution. Vocarimex always looking for solutions to minimize the negative environmental impact caused by waste water, waste gas caused, effective use of resources and energy.

In the past years have made good Vocarimex regulations and schemes on environmental protection, environmental impact assessment for the new projects, the implementation of environmental quality monitoring in accordance with the approved DTM, namely as follows:

Investment in construction of waste water treatment system of modern standards NTR 40: 2011 / BTNMT (Column B, Kq = 1.1; Kf = 1.1) with a capacity of 350 m3 / day. Wastewater receiving water after handling the Nha Be River.

Investment exhaust treatment systems using fuel oil boiler, furnace exhaust after treatment to meet standards NTR 19: 2009 / MONRE - National Technical Regulation on industrial emissions for dust and inorganic substances .

Hazardous waste, domestic waste and industrial waste sorting, collection, kept in a separate area and transferred to a prestigious units in wastewater treatment services for collection and processing.

Vocarimex always thoroughly implement more measures to save energy in production activities such as:

Energy audit done this not only helps Vocarimex cost savings in production and business, but also help better implementation of energy management.

Put to use electrical devices save power. Fuel boilers contribute BIOMAS not pollute the environment.

As one of the leading enterprises in Vietnam in the vegetable oil industry Vocarimex always committed to maintaining and strictly implement policies, measures and activities related to environmental protection issues.

Variations in global climate, environmental pollution problems and the increase in population is the direct cause of problems to the issue of food security. Vocarimex has been providing comprehensive solutions for the development of the industry towards high technology and sustainability to contribute to its mission on that issue.

Modern equipage and Technology

To serve the needs of consumers Vocarimex constantly increasing product value, has always focused on working to improve and diversify designs and improve product quality as well as constant improvements in engineering, technology manufacturers to bring to market the best products for consumers. Applying advanced manufacturing technology, modern European quality standards. The factory complex Vocarimex apply quality control products under the provisions of the Food Safety Law No. 55/2010 / QH12 dated 17/6/2010 of the National Assembly.

Quality ensured raw material

On plant varieties to get the quality of raw materials for the products quality, healthy users as well as to improve the lives of farmers who Vocarimex constantly researching, learning, cooperation with institutes leading researchers in the field of plant varieties to give people the good seed quality, are resistant to some pests, in accordance with the climatic conditions of Vietnam.

Quality goods

Vocarimex always committed to providing consumers with nutritious products, to ensure safety and quality. The products produced by Vocarimex are qualified according to ISO and export standards, quality management system under ISO 9001: 2000, HACCP. All the company's products are suitable for certificates with regulations on food safety by the State agency. Besides the products of corporations also been granted product certification by the Office Halal Halal Certification, KOSHER certified by the Chief Rabbi Court of Beth Din, London. These products are certified Kosher consumers are usually selected by the quality is better controlled and safer than with other products.